How to Recover Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail users may face issues like Hotmail mail not working as long as they try to access their accounts. Hotmail might not work as of reasons like not compatible with the device, improper net connectivity, etc. Sometimes a Hotmail account can also get blocked due to suspicious activity. Further, the ways to repair Hotmail not working issue and Hotmail account recovery process are given below.
Open the Hotmail login page.
Enter the Hotmail account email address or telephone number.
Select ‘Next’.
A ‘Forgot Password’ option will appear. Click it.
This will open the account recovery page.
Now enter the email address of your Hotmail account that you only want to recover.
Captcha code is going to be given during a box. Enter it precisely the way given and select ‘Next’.
Now the recovery options will show. Users can select the recovery prose of the telephone number or email.
Select any one way.
If the user selects recovery through email then they need to verify the e-mail by typing the full email address.
If a user selects recovery through phone number then they need to verify it by typing the last four digits of their mobile number.
After the verification of the e-mail or phone number, a code is going to be sent there.
Users must copy the code and enter it within the space provided.
This will open the password reset page.
Users can now create a new password here.
If users don't have email or phone number then they will select ‘I don’t have any of those ’ options.
Upon selecting this, the user must provide a backup email.
The steps to reset passwords are going to be sent there.
Users can follow it to make a new and strong password.
Now confirm the password and reserve it.
Now users can log in to their account using this password.

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