Verizon email settings for iPhone

Beside Signing in to your Verizon email account browser, you'll also log in your email account on the pass setting it abreast of your iPhone or other Smartphones. If you've got an iPhone and you would like to try to set up below are the instructions which will guide you through. It’s basically for iOS users.
1. On the home screen, tap Settings.
2. Enter your full name, Email Id, Password, within the field and change the description to anything you like, for instance, “Verizon”.
3. Tap Next at the highest of your screen. it'd take your device a few seconds to verify your email settings. Please await this process to end. That’s it! If you’re using the newest version of iOS, your Verizon email should be up and running. Open your email application to send and receive Verizon mails.
4. Confirm that these settings appear within the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server fields, alongside your Verizon user name and password. If necessary, tap the fields to correct them.
5. Tap the Advanced tab. Confirm that these settings appear. Tap the fields to correct them if necessary.
6. Tap the SMTP tab, the first Server tab, and confirm these settings are present.
7. Tap Done, and try checking emails again.
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